Pomacea bridgesii

Pomacea bridgesii - The channeled applesnail has caused significant damage to rice and taro crops in Pacific islands southeastern Asia. Why is my apple snails shell of different color in some areas

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I d like to have some apple snails in my tank. trinsic Vulnerability Not intrinsically Specificity Broad. The shell diameter can be up to cm and its leg length in width . These aquarium snails are sometimes dumped into isolated bodies of water and have been recovered as far north Alachua County Florida Thompson | Freshwater snail - Wikipedia

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Amazon.com : 1 Blue Mystery Snail (Pomacea bridgesii ...However commercial varieties have been bred for the aquarium trade including albino mystery snail. Offspring edit Most apple snails lay their eggs above water line. At constant humidity and temperature the snail juveniles will appear from eggs themselves they get into water start living their own. To ship any of these species without permit is violation . But still there nothing to be afraid of since apple snails can get infected with this parasite only wild where their neighbours are gnawing animals. Further research is required to determine abundance of this species its habitat and ecology whether impacted by any major threats. However it is likely to be undergoing localized declines due urbanization habitat degradation and alterations the hydrological regime

All are tropical subtropical species in the genus Pomacea and not known to withstand water temperatures below FFWCC . Pomacea bridgesii diffusa is considered to be widespread Perera and Walls . They are born with both gills and lungs. Egg mass of the titan applesnail Pomacea haustrum Reeve . See the BOLD taxonomy browser for more complete information about this specimen and other sequences. My apple snails shell is cracked. of comment on or rate this article Global Abundance Learn more about individuals NatureServe Source Trusted rating from people Default . Fasulo retired University of Florida Photographs Bill Frank http Jeffrey Lotz FDACSDPI Barbara Claiborne Luis Ruiz Berti Rawlings al

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If the snail is dead its muscles get relaxed and doesn move. Stange LA


  • The snails can have as many twohundred offspring from one egglaying event. Nonindigenous Aquatic Species

  • Gastropoda Ampullariidae Found in of Applesnails FloridaEconomic Importance Invasive Selected References Introduction Back to Top are larger than most freshwater and can be separated from other species by their oval shell which has umbilicus axially aligned hollow coneshaped space within whorls coiled mollusc perforated broadly open. October

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